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7 Steps to build a successful mobile strategy and brand

This is the first of a serious of articles describing how to extend a brand or service into the world of mobile devices. Here we outline the 7 steps which should be worked through to define your strategy before you … Continue reading

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Mergers and Acquisitions – The deal of the century

While reading Robert Frank’s ‘The Return Of The Economic Naturalist – How Economics Helps Make Sense Of Your World” I came across his comments on the AOL/Time Warner merger in January 2000 In Frank’s book he claims its the … Continue reading

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Goals should be SMART Specific – Well defined and clear to anyone who has a basic knowledge of the project. Measurable – Know if the goal is obtainable and how far away completion is. Attainable – Realistic and achievable. Relevant … Continue reading

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Nokia’s troubles and a lesson on software

At the beginning of this week Nokia announced a profit warning. They expect their 2nd quarter results to be substantially below their previously expected range. And, probably more significantly, they do not feel they can confidently make a 2011 annual … Continue reading

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How to classify projects and purchases within organisations

I find it helpful to group change programs, projects and purchases within organisations ┬áinto the following categories. Infrastructure – Upgrades to the essential building blocks of an organisation. Examples include new offices, faster computer networks and improved phone systems. Something … Continue reading

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