7 Steps to build a successful mobile strategy and brand

This is the first of a serious of articles describing how to extend a brand or service into the world of mobile devices. Here we outline the 7 steps which should be worked through to define your strategy before you launch a mobile service.

1. Understand market trends, past and predicted.

The mobile market is fast moving and notoriously difficult to find good quality, accurate data. So get information from as many sources as possible and bear in mind national characteristics if you want to cover multiple countries.

2. Analyse your current audience and content.

Who uses your services and what you deliver today. This will be the basis of your mobile audience and what you will build on to generate success. But it doesnt have to limit you in terms of the target audience.

3. Create a vision for your mobile audience.

What is it you want your mobile audience to do? What will you provide that adds value to their mobile lifestyle and experiences? How will your mobile offering differentiate your brand or service from others on the market? The answers to these questions will help you create a vision of how you can work within the mobile environment and what you ultimately offer.

4. Define initial objectives.

What do you want to deliver and when? How do you generate revenue from the deliverable? How will what you deliver affect your brand, your current audience, and your business partnerships.

5. Specify an initial deliverable for launch.

What can be delivered as an initial release which is low cost, low risk and will provide you with immediate fedback from the market. This is often the best way to start.

6. Identify alliances and supporters.

Who can help you promote your brand and service on mobile. Business partners may be able to help and the ecosystem of mobile manufacturers and operators can offer a lot if there is value for them.

7. Plan a roadmap beyond launch.

As part of the initial plan have a phase 2 in mind and future activities which can grow your initial success. Be prepared to tune and adjust these plans based on feedback from the initial launch.

The next article in the series will focus on mobile market statistics and trends and review the options for generating revenue from mobile apps and services.